Does Elon Musk Believe In God?

Does Elon Musk Believe In God?

From Elon musk’s response, it was clear that he was an agnostic but not an atheist.

As an agnostic Musk neither believes nor disbelieves in God since the existence of God cannot be proved.

The physics guru only believes in facts and science 

In the interview, Musk revealed that he accepted some of Jesus’s teachings on love and forgiveness
However, the genius was quick to criticize how Jesus chose wine over water in a wedding
The interviewers were amazed at Elon’s criticism of various biblical accounts

Elon Musk said
Let’s just say that I agree with the principles that Jesus advocated for mankind. You know, there is some great wisdom in what is in the teachings of Jesus, uh and I agree with those teachings, and things like turn the other cheek are very important as opposed to an eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind so forgiveness is important and treating people as you would wish to be treated, love your neighbor as yourself- are very important.
And Jesus was obviously very pro-alcohol because one of his miracles was turning water into wine, yeah that was like they were having a party they ran out of wine and they’re like let’s keep this party going – good stuff.
Who can solve this problem of wine — we’re at a white club, freaking stores closed and Jesus is like I got you covered.
Bring water now, let me turn it to wine, let’s keep this party going

Very accurate, knowledgeable and educative in reporting on issues.

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