I Will Wait Even If It’s 10yrs – Don Jazzy Reveals How Long He’ll Wait For Rihanna’s Love

Artist manager Don Jazzy has shown us that there’s nothing like true love as he claims he is going to wait for the love of Rihanna even if it takes him 10 years to wait for her.

Don Jazzy has been claiming to be in love with Rihanna for a while now and he recently got heartbroken when news about Rihanna expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky but guess he’s not ready to give up on his love for the rapper.

According to Don Jazzy in a recent video, he’s willing to wait for Rihanna to enjoy every single moment with A$AP Rocky now until she decides to come to him, and even if that will take him 10 years to wait, he’s willing to do that for her.

This coming from Don Jazzy is a clear indication that he’s not ready to give up on Rihanna no matter what and it is quite unfortunate that she’s in love with another and not looking his way and that simply means he would have to wait for a very long time.

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