My Elder Brother Is Asking Me To Go Beat His Wife For Asking For A Divorce; What Should I Do?

So my elder brother was abusing his wife financially,emotionally,sexually kyer3s3 every form of abuse you can think of. He left this poor lady and two babies for more than 2yrs without even providing for them but he could be seen with minors in hotels. I was the one providing for this lady and her kids together with my elder sister. We tried to get him to reason but he paid no heed to us till the lady got fed up and asked for divorce. In short i was in support of the divorce because to me brother or not, trash is trash.

Now my brother called me one day to go and insult or beat his wife up for daring to asking for a divorce. I declined and made him understand as a woman I wouldn’t be happy if my husband treated me like the way be was treating his wife and moreover I’m married myself ,my sister in laws do not interfere with my marriage so I wouldn’t do what he was asking from me.

My brother stopped talking to me due to this. I called him severally over a two year period till he finally blocked me everywhere. He even sent audios to refer me to something very painful that happened to me simply because I refused to take sides with him and abuse his wife.

Now this is where it gets interesting,I got the opportunity to travel outside so i used a different number call him and say goodbye to him,he dropped the call after I introduced myself to him and blocked the number as well so i gave up and left. Now my brother realizing I’m no more in Ghana is going round telling people that I did not say goodbye to him and that he didn’t know I’ve traveled.

My sisters are saying I should call him but honestly I don’t want to.I’ve moved on with my life and forgotten about him,his family and anything that reminds me of him. Moreover i feel he’s only interested in getting in touch with me now like my sister is saying because he knows I’m abroad.Honestly I’ve forgiven him for everything but i jux don’t want to get closer to him again.I’ve been hurt by my own siblings over and over again such that i don’t want to trade my peace of mind for anything else.

I will like to seeek the opinion of your readers on this,am i be difficult?. I’m still healing from my childhood traumas and I don’t want any, I’m I wrong for choosing me?

Thank you

Very accurate, knowledgeable and educative in reporting on issues.

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