My Son Must Sleep With Me Every Wednesday To Be Richer – Mother Confesses

Ajak, a troubled South Sudanese mother, has raised eyebrows as she has admitted publicly in a confession about how she engages in incest.

The 42-year-old woman, who currently resides in the Netherlands with her son Abel, claimed that she consented to the act so that her son may keep his wealth.

Ajak revealed that for over a decade now she has been sleeping with her son (Abel) every Wednesday.  She admitted that the boy would lose his fortune and inexplicably pass away the day she stopped.

Ajak made the shocking confession after a pastor of Great Kingdom Church in the Netherlands performed a deliverance prayer for her during a service.

She said to journalists:

“We have s*x every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried,

The price is that, once I stop sleeping with him, all our hard-earned wealth will vanish in thin air. My son will also die a very painful death.”

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