Nigerian Man In Tears After His Wife Sold His Mansion For N10M & Disappeared

In a video that is fast going viral on social media, a Nigerian man was seen in premium.

Per what we gathered, the man was in premium tears because his wife sold his huge mansion for N10 million and the unfortunate thing is that the lady vanished after the sale.

In the video, the man who could not believe what had happened was seen explaining himself to those around who made the video of him.

Some reactions the post got are;

@Kingsomes500 – How did she manage to sale it…. as in does she have the title documents of the property…..i don’t understand….. a wife & you don’t know her relations & where/how to trace her….. the story is NOT adding uo at all

@Favour4662 – Is like the woman posted the house on that’s the only place you can see a mansion 10m.

@solos_wisdom – If no be thief, who go even buy this kind big house for 10million naira… Go and relax after taking the buyer to court for a criminal offense, he will be the one to provide his seller…

Very accurate, knowledgeable and educative in reporting on issues.

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