Nketia Announced His Long Awaited Ep As He Explains Each song on the Ep.

The project contains 5 songs that take audiences through a love journey with ups and downs.

Mr Lover was produced by 25shuus. The beat is a mix of Ghana Highlife and Drill and having Sirge verse was the bridge between Highlife and Drill
Mr lover’s in which shows the young and wild love of Nketia to ladies and parties, the song featured Sirge who is an Afro pop artist and is well known with his eccentric style.

Meko is watching Nketia his relationship’s frustration on a convas using his vocals after that storm, Nketia see the sun.

Sing for you is a new beginning for Nketia He shows us the love can make you go extra mile to make your partner happy. The song was produced by Nketia.

Nketia Announced His long awaited Ep As He explains Each song on the Ep

Yes I Do will get us all to witness the beauty of love, the moment the whole world is seeing a bachelor, a player and lover moving to become a king to his queen.

Nketia has one of his friend and artist Arathejay to support his life decisions.

Finally, Borkoor is the reward letting go your ladies and sticking with your love, Nketia goes into details of what it’s like to spend the night with a goddess.


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