Owo Massacre: Couple Laid To Rest Amidst Tears in Ebonyi State.

A couple, Chukwudi Onuoha and Deborah Onuoha, who were killed in the June 5, 2022 by terrorist attack at the Saint Francis Catholic Church, Owaluwa, Owin Owo, Ondo State, have been laid to rest in their hometown.

The were buried at Anyarigwe Amoffia in Ukawu, Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State on Saturday, June 18.

Family members and sympathizers could not control their tears as the bodies of the couple were lowered into their graves.

Sharing a video from the burial, a relative of the couple, Mr. Osmond Igwe, said;

“the cause of their death was that they were Nigerians and the country has irresponsible government,”

“If you hear of any killing by terrorists in any part of Nigeria, sympathize with the victims. You may never can tell if any of them is your blood relative. Little did I know that the killing in far away Ondo State will affect my family.

“What baffles me is that upon all the series of killings of innocent people in this country, the power that be has never deemed it necessary to chancmge the security architectures.

See Photos Below:

May Their Soul Rest In Peace Amen

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