What Should Women Learn From The Death Of Nigeria’s Gospel Star, Osinachi Nwachuku?

“Osinachi, the Nigerian Gospel Star’s Death Should Teach Our Women to Leave Abusive Marriages Early”…..

I can unequivocally say that I have witnessed so many women suffer abuse in the hands of their husbands or boyfriends. I agree that some men also suffer abuse from their wives or girlfriends, but I think that because many men are physically stronger than women, they tend to be more abusive than women, especially in a marriage or relationship.

The thing is, abusive people hardly change and loving them blindly can lead to your early demise. There are countless stories where men or women killed or damaged their spouses through abuse, either physically or emotionally.

The recent case of the talented gospel musician (OSINACHI NWACHUKWU) is a typical example of how victims of abuse end up, either dead or permanently damaged or traumatized.

One of the main causes of abuse is the desire of people wanting to maintain power in their relationships or be in control which makes them act unduly. It can be a manipulative tactic for some people to get what they want from their partners and they do this by shaming them with their flaws or imperfections and sometimes even beat them to a pulp.

But in my honest opinion, I think that it’s folly to stay in a relationship which makes you more sad than happy. Who do you want to impress by staying? Wise people know that no marriage or man and woman relationship is perfect, so why act like yours is the best when you’re indoors crying yourself to a frazzle?

People shouldn’t be afraid to quit abusive marriages or relationships. Forget the archaic religious beliefs, societal hypocrisy and rejection from family elders or friends and save your life. And stop thinking that prayers or fasting will stop your abusive spouse from abusing you and take the necessary hard action of leaving.

Because I don’t want to kill anybody’s daughter in my house, if she is not cooperating with me like I want and all my efforts prove futile, I will let us separate or divorce which I think is the best decision.

It is not easy living together as husband and wife because we were raised differently from different backgrounds. And also, we all have our demons which sometimes disturb our peace. Let’s not just marry beautiful faces, but beautiful hearts.


Very accurate, knowledgeable and educative in reporting on issues.

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