Why Do I Feel Like My Blessings Are Coming From A Witch Doctor.

Post for me this I’m using my friends account.
How can I deal with this past event that seems to be draining my happiness.

I mean I once had an encounter with a witch doctor on a certain health issue but in the encounter upon discovering that i have a laptop the witch doctor asked me to give him that laptop and he will bless me (something I didn’t ask for) but I told him that I can’t do that coz the laptop serves me in academic.

My problem today is rooted in that statement he made about BLESSING. Now a days I found it heard to rejoice over any achievement i make because I’m always tempted to think it’s a blessing from him and not my own making even if I know i had worked for it.

Even if today I get money on the way for example instead of being happy i just end up being sad coz of these thought of a witch doctor’s blessing yet I know very well that I rejected that idea.

I’m sure even when I maybe given a job based on my qualification i will still be tempted to think it’s from the blessing of the witch doctor hence making me not to enjoy any of my achievement. Could this be true?

I’m I no longer responsible for my actions?
Has there been anything like this before Or am just over thinking?
Note: it was my first encounter with a witch doctor something that I regretted up to now though i repented going to him.

Any advice my brothers and sisters
How can I free myself from this thoughts and start seeing everything happening as my responsibility and not a witch doctor’s blessing?

Very accurate, knowledgeable and educative in reporting on issues.

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